An overview

Completed Projects

A snippet of eye candy showcasing some of my completed work. I invite you to browse and get a sense of my style and my approach to projects. Keep in mind I do not always get total creative freedom, and the result is a combination of the brief and ideas from the client, my interpretation and some magic.

The selection of work here excludes work where I signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or work done for corporate clients where I was part of a team of creatives. If you require more samples in a specific field or industry, I am happy to supply them via email. 

tickled your fancy?

Let's work together

You might have seen something on my website that intrigues you; you need a website or need help with a new logo. Or maybe you need someone in your remote team to assist with project management. Or maybe you need me to do a photoshoot for you, in a far flung and beautiful location or you need a design or two. Or maybe you would like to buy some art from the store? Something tickled your fancy, now send me an email.