Website Design

WordPress website pricing guideline for fairly small sites (excl hosting) and non-e-commerce sites, ie not online stores:

  • A landing page only - US$310 / R5 800
  • A one-pager - US$500 / R12 000 - R9 000
  • A 3-page website - US$900 / R18 000 - R13 000
  • A 5-page website - US$1,200 / R65 000 - R25 000

I am currently based in South Africa and work with clients all over the globe. These fees are guidelines only. Please send a contact email for an accurate quote as each project is different (esp ecommerce sites)

PS. Functionality and amount of content and graphics you require, set up of payment portals, the number of products listed, delivery methods, etc all influence pricing of the website setup.


Logo Design

Logo and corporate identity development.

Get a logo for your brand or business. I will create something unique and help establish a mini branding guide, including colours and fonts. You will get your logo ready to use in Print colours (CMYK) and digital colours (RGB) to ensure brand consistency.

Starting at R5800 (US$320)


Content Creation

Canva is popular for business owners and brand content because it is easy to use, but do you have a stylesheet, and are you consistent with your content? Or are you doing whatever and hoping for the best? I can help with design, photography, and written content that not only gets your message across but also establishes a recognizable online identity and personality for your brand.

Social media content creation/ social media management monthly rates start at R9500pm (US$450).

I am currently full and cannot take on any more clients at this state. If you have a specific request or are happy to go on a waiting list (openings April 2024), send an email to


Project management

I have looked after a team of brand managers, creative freelancers and suppliers. If your creative campaign needs an ongoing eye and support to ensure success, reach out to me. You might have too much work and not enough staff. I work on a retainer or project basis to assist with creative projects as needed. 

I am currently at full capacity and not taking any new projects in - to be added to the waiting list or discuss a project you would like me to look at when I do have capacity, send a mail to 


Custom art

The world needs art! I created an online store where South African artists can list and you can purchase a variety of art from them. The work is curated and available for a limited time only and varies from mixed medium, photography to painting in all forms. Even in coffee. Great prices for original art.

tickled your fancy?

Let's work together

You might have seen something on my website that intrigues you; you need a website or need help with a new logo. Or maybe you need someone in your remote team to assist with project management. Or maybe you need me to do a photoshoot for you, in a far flung and beautiful location or you need a design or two. Or maybe you would like to buy some art from the store? Something tickled your fancy, now send me an email.