Website Design

WordPress website pricing guideline for fairly small sites (excl hosting):

  • A landing page only – US$210/ZAR3,000
  • A one pager – US$350/ZAR5,100
  • A 3-page website – US$590/ZAR8,600
  • A 5-page website – US$1,100/ZAR16,000

These are guidelines of fees and will differ depending on the type of website, functionality and amount of content and graphics needed. Please send a contact email for an accurate quote.

Logo Design

Logo Design and Corporate Identity development starting at US$120/R1,800 for a basic logo and basic with applications at US$200/ZAR3,000.

Estimate only. A more detailed brief of what is needed will determine an accurate quote. 

Content Creation

Please email requirements to check availability.

Paintings, writing and other projects

Send an email with your brief (incl timelines) for a quote.

Online store with original photographs now open.

Website FAQs

Do you build websites?2020-01-27T16:29:53+02:00
Yes. I can help you with a beautiful and functional website that will inform your customers about what you do, what services and products you offer. A website will improve your online presence. I focus on building websites for small to medium enterprises but can also assist in larger projects and e-commerce websites.
What platform do you build websites on?2018-08-26T16:48:33+02:00

Websites designed by Digital Niche are built in WordPress. WordPress is by far my platform of choice. It allows for growth, e-commerce (online shops), add ons and also allow clients to edit and update the website themselves if needed.

Can you help me register a domain name?2018-08-27T09:13:31+02:00

Yes, you can get your domain name registered through Digital Niche, provided it is available. I can help you with the registration of your chosen domain name and creating preferred email addresses associated with your domain. You can send ideas of your ideal domain name. I might give you a few suggestions or alternatives once reviewed.

NOTE: It might be worth adding your service in the name, for example, “ABCteachertraining” or “ABCcarsales” is easier to remember and Google loves straightforward names. Also, try and stay away from miss spelt words. It is just confusing. vs .com?2020-01-27T16:30:37+02:00

If you are a South African site: decide between a and a .com vs .com – this is really a personal choice and preference, but something to consider. If you plan on engaging with an international market, it might be beneficial to use .com. If you are an extension of an international business or planning on mainly doing business in the South African local market, might be a better option for you. You can also register both and have the one direct to the other.

What you need to budget for2020-01-28T09:08:11+02:00

Aside from the actual web design fees (which will be quoted on once we have discussed detailed needs and ideas), you will need to budget for domain registration, hosting fees and site maintenance.

DOMAIN: You will need to pay for the initial domain registration (around US$20) to secure your specific domain name – this is an annual fee and will need to be renewed every 12 months after registration.

HOSTING: Having a registered domain name will secure your website name (url) but hosting will allow us to open up an email address for you that you can start using.  The size of the hosting package will often determine your space in your mailbox and the size of your website. This will be a monthly rate but charged for 12 months in advance.  The bigger the site, the more space you will need. There are a few options available, but to get started with a one page welcome on your website, and email address, a budget of around US$5-10 per month.

EMAIL: You can open a few email addresses before the website is built. Emails like info@ or admin@ is a good start. This email address will also be added to a COMING SOON page on your website, so your potential clients can get hold of you. You will need to set your email up on your own device. Digital Niche does not handle IT support.

SECURITY: It is advisable to add a security precaution to your site. The hosting company offers a service of around US$25 per year. We strongly advise a site scanner monitoring service that will check your website daily and notify you immediately if your website has been hacked or injected with malicious code

Do you offer a website maintenance package?2018-08-26T16:50:30+02:00

Yes, I offer a maintenance package for any website designed by Digital Niche. The maintenance package will run updates, back ups and report on basic monthly traffic on your site.

A few additional question and considerations2018-11-20T13:06:34+02:00
  • How much time do you have to update and promote your site?
  • Are the updates something you would like to do in-house, or do you prefer this to be taken care of on your behalf?
  • How regularly are you planning on doing updates – product updates and changes?
  • Do you have a photographer, good visuals and a brand look and feel?
  • Do you have a logo and is the logo professionally designed?
  • Do you need help with creating a look for the website only or for your business too?
  • Have you seen websites that you really like and would like to aspire too?
  • Who is your ideal client? How old are they? What are their hobbies?
  • Why would people buy YOUR product?
  • What is special, unique or interesting about your product?
  • What is the ONE big thing you want people to know about your product/business?
  • Do you have any specific needs or custom functionality needed for the website?
  • How confident are you in using new technology?
  • Do you have a specific deadline for your site?
For online shops2018-08-27T09:23:03+02:00
  • Is your site an e-commerce site – ie do you need to sell products or services online?
  • Are you anticipating daily, weekly or irregular sales?
  • Will you be selling to a local or international market?
  • Are your sales linked to a custom order?
  • Do you have a payment portal that you prefer or already have set up? Paygate, Payfast, Paypal, EFT?
  • Do you have a preferred courier? Do you know if they have integration with websites?


Recent work is shown in the gallery. For a comprehensive list of experience and projects, including work done as Creative, Project Manager, Art Director and Marketing Professional, please contact me.